Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Personification Poetry - part3

***personification poem5***

War - By Jake B.

Personification Poetry 9

Skies weep bombs,
Planes howl,
Shells scream,
Bullets stutter,
Rockets wail,
Vistas shiver.

Crowds haemorrhage from fractured buildings.
Fear grips,
Innocence is strangled.
Life extinguished.

***personification poem6***

Sea King

Personification Poetry 10

Excited children seek the waters edge,
Anxious to see the sea first, wondering
Will he be calm and gentle?
Inviting them to play.
Will he be rough and angry?
Scaring all to not come near him like a sea monster.

Sea is constantly moving
Busy like tiny ants working away.
Sea changes his emotions every minute.
Sometimes he is pleased to see you
Other times he wants to be left alone.

Sea is always changing colours
Sometimes he is blue
Sometimes he is purple
Sometimes he is green
Sometimes he is grey.
Sea is Magic, that's why he has so many friends.

By Charlotte G.


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