Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Personification Poetry - part2

***personification poem1***

The White-Tail Café - by Denise Rodgers

Personification Poetry 1

Welcome, my deer,to the White-Tail Café.
Because it is summer
our menu today
has mushrooms, tomatoes
and wildflower stew,
some tasty young carrots
we've plucked just for you.

So glad it's not winter
when food is so stark
that all we can offer
is four kinds of bark,
from maple and birch to
some willow or oak.
Well, that's what we serve to
our deerly loved folk.

It's more than a buck, but
we hope that you'll stay
for not that much doe at
the White Tail Café.

***personification poem2***

If Dogs Could Talk - by Denise Rodgers

Personification Poetry 2

If dogs could talk, what they would say
would simply take your breath away.
Like: I don't want to see your knees.
Or: Pass a bit of roast beef, please.
When dawning sun shines in the east
they'd say: It's time for morning's feast.
When silent, still and somewhat broodish,
their minds are simply on your food dish.

Some might speak with British accent,
sniffing one another's back scent.
Some might lisp and some might stammer,
some would have atrocious grammar.
Some would chitchat, some would twaddle.
Some would rush and some would dawdle.
Curling on your soft bed nightly,
most would say: Good night,

***personification poem3***

Icy Embrace

Personification Poetry 3

She speaks to people
She falls above in the glooming sunlight
Her white, sparkling voice echoes
As she falls through the air

She freeze- frames life in her icy embrace
Disguising trees in frozen sheets
As large snowballs smash against the pavement
She sighs

Her pure white skin
Is a shocking contrast to the black night sky
As it carpets branches of trees
And cakes the winding road

As day breaks, people hurry through her slush
She howls with pain
As the sculpted statues of people

Her frozen lips
Press against your cheek
Making you shiver with both pleasure and pain
At her touch

***personification poem4***

Night of Dreams

Personification Poetry 4

Night is sad and lonely,
He wishes he had some friends.
He is a very kind creature,
So why does no one love him?

Night is gentle,
He is kind and cuddly,
His face is shaped as a raindrop,
He feels like a soft teddy.

Royal blue eyes has he,
His mouth is shaped as a smile all the time.
Although he is always sad he does not like to show it.

Night zooms through the sky as fast as can be.
He is like a shooting star,
Twinkling and shining, for the entire world to see.

Night wears a flowing velvet cloak
Which shimmers and changes shade as the evening passes
His top hat is pale blue,
Like a magician he appears as he works his magic.

Night is sad and lonely,
He wishes he had some friends.
He is a very kind creature,
So why does no one love him?

By Charlotte G.


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